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See our story and how our charity helps people in need.

Fresh Start

Imagine having to flee from domestic abuse, taking nothing! How would you cope, if forced out on to the streets with no possessions?

Then what would you do if you were re-homed to an empty property? With no bed to sleep in, no chair to sit on and no cooker to cook on?

Fresh Start helps people in crisis turn an empty property into a home, by using funds raised specifically to pay for the basics they need to get started – a bed, some furniture, a fridge and a cooker.

And you can help too. Make a donation today.


Fresh Start - for those in crisis

Run as a project within Waste Not Want Not, Fresh Start is for anybody who is having to rebuild their lives due to extreme circumstances.

  • We help women and men who have fled domestic abuse, with few possessions
  • We support those previously homeless who have nothing to their name

These most vulnerable of people get the keys to a flat or a house – but it’s empty.

What use is a home with no cooker or fridge? How can a home feel like ‘home’ with no beds or a sofa?

And because of cuts, there is no funding help for people to buy these essentials.

But there is Fresh Start.

We help make an empty property into a home for people in crisis. So when they open the door they aren’t greeted by an empty space but have the basics on which to start rebuilding their lives.

You too can help us to help people in crisis by making a donation so we can supply essential furniture and white goods free of charge.

Please donate what you can afford to help us to give someone a FRESH START in life.

£5, £10. £20 or Other Amount

For survivors of domestic abuse, having a home that feels like home helps break the cycle of returning to their abuser.

For homeless people, having a home that feels like home helps deter them from returning to the streets.

And at Fresh Start, we go further

Our kind and empathetic team treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.

They help people select what they need for their new home and can go on to find volunteering opportunities so they can rebuild their often shattered self-confidence and self-belief.


Fresh Start – helping those in crisis since 2016. You can help too.

Make a donation today and your money goes directly to Fresh Start to help those people in crisis.